Video production is taking digital marketing by storm as it is considered a very attractive medium for conveying messages. Since we want to ride this wave, ASCAPE is starting a Video Blog series. Our aim is to bring challenges, recent trends in cancer patients' quality of life, and digital healthcare solutions to the public in an enjoyable way. We know that this might sound strange, but this is our way, to explain what we do and how our scientific work can contribute to taking at least one step beyond the current situation.

In terms of topics, we've identified several areas that we're really excited to talk about. Within ASCAPE there are people passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, business development, healthcare or even legal science. Of course, there is no value in producing material that appeals to the few. We want to be understandable but scientifically correct!

The first blood

For Episode 1, we discuss how artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are being introduced to healthcare and more specifically how they are being used to help doctors and patients fight cancer. Natasa Vujnovic Sedlar, an expert in these fields from the University of Novi Sad is our first guest! Let's take a look at what she has to say!

Can AI, and ML help us improve the quality of life of cancer patients?

"Today's technology enables monitoring of patients in their home environments, mainly via sensors and self-reporting. Collected data together with patients’ Electronic Health Records are a valuable source of information. Employing AI/ML and Data Science methods these collected data are becoming tools for supporting clinical decision-making and action management".

What are the expected benefits of utilizing such technologies?

"These technologies enable the development of modern decision support systems for cancer needs by utilizing best practices. Contemporary technologies and their combination offer great opportunities for clinicians to make adequate personalized treatments and suggest interventions that can increase patients’ QoL".

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Has Artificial Intelligence been introduced into healthcare?

"There are already several research projects where AI and ML technologies are engaged in solving key healthcare tasks, such as diagnosing diseases, proposing drug doses, offer support to old and disabled persons".

ASCAPE builds a platform based on cutting-edge technologies. Are they working?

"ASCAPE is taking advantage of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies and developing open AI infrastructure to include cancer patients’ quality of life status in disease management. With ASCAPE it will be possible to support the emotional and social dimensions of patients’ life with predictive modeling and provide better interventions for the specific population of cancer patients".