Does living near a park affects a cancer patient's quality of life?

Bridging wearable and open-source data with patients' wellbeing: The ASCAPE way

ASCAPE e-health services in the post COVID era
Healthcare authorities across Europe are struggling due to rising healthcare costs, budget cuts, and in recent years from COVID

e-health services & AI in the post-COVID era

ASCAPE video blog
Video production is taking digital marketing by storm as it is considered a very attractive medium for conveying messages.

ASCAPE rides the wave of video blogging

Bringing AI technologies in hospitals
Have you heard about DCEAF?

Adopting AI technologies in hospitals

Advancing monitoring of Melanoma patients after treatment
Meet ASME! It stands for Artificial Intelligence Supporting MElanoma survivors across Europe and is an Open Call project in the context of ASCAPE EU-funded project.

Predicting the development of side effects and the progression of patients with melanoma after treatment

ASCAPE H2020 Platform
Meet Caroline: A teacher who fights breast cancer Ca

Patient Stories: Caroline fights breast cancer