Project logo
​​​​​​​Figure 1 The ASCAPE entity is the image that the project presents to the public as well to the research and medical communities, investors and patients.

The logo, the project website and the social media accounts are the main communication elements for ASCAPE and the primary information source for general public and target audiences.

The ASCAPE logo is the main identity image of the project aiming at linking its visual features with the concept vision and mission of ASCAPE. The logo as the mean for identification of the project appears in all the project related materials as well it has inspired the design of the website, the templates for the deliverables and presentations and the entire ASCAPE dissemination material, such as posters, leaflets, flyers.

The process of creation of the logo was performed as iterative process among consortium partners and designers. Before engaging in the development of the ASCAPE logo, the designers needed to learn the most about the concept and the objectives of the project for having good understanding of ASCAPE multidisciplinary initiative.  The next step was to summarize that knowledge in the most important keywords as well to identify the key elements that provide us with the medical context of the project. Only then, the designers started to define the visual concepts and started to produce the first original images for having a broader perspective of ideas that make the logo a unique design. The six first drafts were presented to the consortium aimed at grasping the essential values of the project. These initial drafts already captured the main concepts of the ASCAPE project, as the use of Artificial Intelligence for supporting personalized care and improving patients’ QoL.  Based on the discussions and feedback three new designs were developed. The new sketches were presented to the partners that finally selected the most promising idea to work it further. Once the draft of the logo was agreed, it was the time for the Illustrators.  The logo was vectorize and the illustrators experimented with shapes, strokes, fonts, etc. to finally produce the final version (Figure 1 above).  

Nevertheless, the logo is not only the main imaging identity of ASCAPE, as it served as the basic for the graphical layout of the website and any other dissemination material. Therefore, the next step was the design of the ASCAPE project’s website. The website is aiming at providing attractive and easy access to the project´s information addressing different audiences. The website design and implementation was formulated based on the discussions, concepts and lesson learnt from the logo design process. To this end, the content of the website is continuously refined by all the participating organisations of the project,  while special emphasis will be put on updating the web page with news, the project milestones outputting relevant data, to also engage a wider audience. All these updates and outcomes will be also promoted by making use of the project’s social media accounts in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Blog prepared by Atos