Ascape KOM

On the 28th and 29th of January 2020 the ASCAPE Kick-off Meeting took place in Athens, Greece in a meeting hosted by the project’s coordinator UBITECH. The main objectives of the kick-off included the discussion of the project objectives and the consensus among the involved partners on how these objectives should be met, the overview of the work that should be performed and the formulation of the key priorities as well as the action items that should be undertaken for the first months of the project.


During the two-day meeting, the work that should be addressed and the respective responsibilities were presented and thoroughly discussed among the partners on a work package level, identifying the key challenges that need to be addressed on each work package as well as the measurable outcomes and KPIs that should be met in accordance with the project’s Description of Action. Furthermore, the consortium members were engaged in several round table discussions for the positioning of the project, the key technologies and the methodologies that should be followed, as well as the key activities during the project’s implementation phase and execution.