ASCAPE H2020 Platform
Meet Peter: A cancer survivor Peter is a 51-year-old bus dr

How can ASCAPE help a patient cope with cancer?

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ASCAPE- The Ethical Perspective

The Barcelona pilot is led by researchers from the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (HCB) through the Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca

Pilot #2 - ASCAPE from the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona perspective

As we are approaching the initiation of the Örebro pilot and when discussing the ASCAPE vision with the healthcare professionals who will be

Pilot #1 - ASCAPE from the Örebro University Hospital perspective

Worldwide, healthcare systems are facing increasing costs and restrictions in their budgets.

The ASCAPE Health Economic Framework

The ASCAPE analytical models for QoL of breast and prostate cancer patients are built on the data provided by four different the clinical sites.

ASCAPE data transformation

Ascape Architecture
The ASCAPE Framework aims to provide a means for hospitals and other Healthcare Providers across Europe (and the world) to provide the benefits of Artifi

ASCAPE Framework Architecture